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Host Partner

Host Partners Provide a Location for Training

Thank you for your interest in the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship (NE) Training Programs. Host partnerships are a strategic way to impact your business, community, church, or organization. Host partners:

  • Commit to recruiting a minimum number of students
  • Provide facilities for courses and other NE events
  • Provide logistic support for training courses
  • Are limited to only the United States (for international partnerships, see licensed partnerships)

There are two types of host partnerships: retail hosts  and wholesale hosts.

Retail Hosts:

  • Guarantee a minimum of 30 participant registrations at Nehemiah Project International Ministries (NPIM) retail pricing
  • Promote NE classes to their church/organization members
  • Direct participants to register for the course directly with NPIM online
  • Receive 10% commission of total registrations

In return, NPIM provides retail hosts with all student materials, refreshments, certified NE teachers (compensating teaching transportation and lodging costs as needed).

Wholesale Hosts:

  • Receive a discounted student registration rate based on the number of students
  • Purchase a bundle of student registrations
  • Provide refreshments and facilities
  • Cover the travel and lodging (if needed) costs of the NE certified teacher
  • Register all students internally (or request NPIM to establish a unique registration link for them)

More information about becoming a Host Partner with the Nehemiah Project is available upon request. Take the next step by filling out the form below and we will provide you with more information

Estimated Number of Participants:

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