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Host Partner

Host Partners Provide a Location for Training

The Nehemiah Project partners with churches as well as educational and marketplace organizations to offer its entrepreneurship courses throughout the United States and around the world.

Host Partnership (Host-site training is limited to U.S.A., otherwise see Licensed Partnerships or ask about a speaking engagement).

  • Host Partners provide a site location and are responsible for catering the meals for attendees at the training.
  • If applicable, the licensee arranges the translation of all materials including workbooks, teacher training manuals, and power points (a copy of all translated materials must be forwarded to Nehemiah Project).
  • If necessary, the Host Partner provides a translator for the training.
  • A Host Partner earns a 10% commission for hosting and 10% commission of all registrations received.
  • Host Partners that have Nehemiah Project Certified Teachers who will be teaching the course will receive an additional 20% of the revenue derived from the event.

More information about being a Host Partner with the Nehemiah Project in the U.S. is available upon request. Take the next step by filling out the form below and we will provide you this information via email.


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