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Business Coaching

Patrice Tsague serves as a personal and business coach for several small to medium sized companies.  He specializes in helping individuals and families incorporate their faith and values in the management and growth of their companies.

He has years of experience as a business trainer and consultant and serves on the board of several organizations.  He observed his mother build and manage several family businesses in Cameroon, Central Africa; Patrice also worked with his wife to start and lead Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc and PG and Associates, LLC  to provide clients with practical guidance, instruction, and accountability.  His goal is to help clients become more intentional and strategic about incorporating their faith and values in the management of their businesses, conflict resolution, enhancing business efficiency and profitability, and enhancing temporal and eternal impact of their businesses.

Patrice’s coaching style is holistic.  He starts with the individual’s personal issues and extends to the business’ challenges.  He believes that every business operated by a married individual is a family business and must engage the family, either passively or actively.  He challenges clients to see their businesses as extensions of their higher callings and “walk their faith” through their businesses.  He makes the case that good and lasting businesses must be built, not just for the benefit of one individual or a small few, but for the benefit of all, including consumers, suppliers, employees and the community at large.  Businesses can be catalysts to transform communities and nations while serving as engines of the economy.  He challenges clients to think multi-generationally to ensure proper succession and exit from the business.  He leverages the expertise of other professionals and experts to ensure that clients get the best counsel and assistance for any given situation.

Patrice’s areas of expertise include:

  • Family Businesses
  • Incorporating faith and values in the management of the business
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Organization Development
  • Management Accountability
  • International Business
  • Balance Score Cards
  • Financial Management
  • Management Retreats
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Board Development
  • Succession and Exit Strategies

To schedule a free 1-hour  initial coaching session or get more information on how to engage Patrice or another coach as your personal or business coach, contact Gina Tsague at or 1-877-916-1180 ext 102.


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