And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. Ephesians 4:32.

We have all heard the statement, “God don’t like ugly”. This statement is usually made when someone does something unkind to someone else and means that bad things will happen to the evildoer as a result. It is true that God does not “like ugly” especially when it is against one of His creations. Remember what goes around…you can finish the statement (comes around). Kindness, one of the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit, does not cost much to give but it is sometimes hard to come by. It is a low-cost, high-return virtue but still people do not take advantage of it as they should. This virtue is especially important for the Biblical Entrepreneur; kindness is not just a sign that you are Spirit-led but it can be very good for business. Kindness makes people want to do business with you, it is great for customer service; it yields repeat customers, it makes you likeable, trust worthy and most of all it costs you nothing. If kindness is so inexpensive and can yield such high returns why aren’t more people kind?

Kindness is a genuine expression of favor and generosity towards others based on an internal sense of happiness. The key to kindness is that it must be genuine. To be genuine means to be sincere or to be honest. Kindness springs out of who you are. It is an external expression of an internal reality, which means to be kind you must be happy or blessed.  You cannot give what you do not have. If you feel happy or blessed then you can give that to others. Kindness is an external expression of how blessed you are on the inside. You cannot manufacture it.

The sad reality is that people are not kind because they are not happy. Happy people are kind people. Unhappy people are unkind people. Kindness must be an overflow of how blessed you feel otherwise it will be fake or short-lived. How do you cultivate kindness?

  1. Love God
  2. Accept God’s love for you
  3. Love yourself
  4. Show your love for others by exercising random acts of kindness

Kindness is something that must be demonstrated daily, otherwise, like anything else, it will not become a part of your life. Consider practicing these seven random acts of kindness and I guarantee you, you will not just see a difference in how you feel but in how others treat you also.

  1. Smile
  2. Affirm and encourage
  3. Help
  4. Serve
  5. Give
  6. Say “thank you”
  7. Forgive


Of course you cannot manufacture these things otherwise they will be short lived or appear very fake. They must spring out of your love for God, your acceptance of how much God loves you, your love for yourself, and your sincere desire to share that love with others. Remember, “Love suffers long and is kind” (I Cor 13:4).

My prayer for you this week is that God will give you the grace to know how blessed you are and enable you to enthusiastically share that with others through the seven random acts of kindness.

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