Building & Equipping
Kingdom Businesses Globally

Nehemiah Project builds kingdom businesses through a comprehensive proprietary transformational entrepreneurship course called Biblical Entrepreneurship™. We also provide business coaching support and access to a network of Global Kingdom Impact Investors through the Nehemiah E-Community™.

How we define a kingdom business

A kingdom business is a transformational enterprise with measurements beyond the triple bottom line to include an eternal bottom line.





Our training process begins with helping entrepreneurs determine which phase their business is in the kingdom business life cycle.

Whether your business is in the start up or succession phase, our courses will equip you with the tools to clarify your Kingdom impact, while helping you transition to the next phase of business growth.

Diagram: Business Stages

Begin being transformed through our Biblical Entrepreneurship™ certificate course, grow your business through Kingdom Business Coaching™, access capital through our Global Kingdom Investors Network™ while being connected through the Nehemiah E-Community™.

1  Entrepreneurship Training

Christian business training in our Biblical Entrepreneurship curriculum.

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2  Coaching

Receive coaching directly through our sister company, Kingdom Business Coaching.

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3  Access to Capital

Learn about Nehemiah Project’s Global Kingdom Investors Network.

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What is Biblical Entrepreneurship?

Young Biblical Entrepreneur

Transforming Haiti's Economy

More Than a Conqueror

Are you confident in God? Are there areas of your life where you let the devil conquer?

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In 2017 we are poised to impact even more entrepreneurs and businesses through the E-Community.

Where is Your Treasure?

Where does your treasure lie? Are you focused on earthly things, or spiritual matters?