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In The Name of Jesus

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Have you ever wondered why the world is afraid of the name “Jesus”? Have you been afraid to use that name? What is the significance of that name? Names not only carry destiny and purpose but they can also be used as a pass to be granted something. Think about the time when you went somewhere and got access just because you used someone’s name.

A Great Investment Opportunity

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Now through the end of the year we invite you become a charitable investor by supporting our efforts to help people build kingdom businesses through a tax-deductible matching gift. Your end-of-year gift will help us provide scholarships to an aspiring entrepreneur giving them access to our life and business transforming courses. Some of our 2011 accomplishments:

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Have you ever been ashamed of being associated with someone? Have you felt embarrassed by some Christians? Are you ashamed of the Gospel of Christ? We cannot be bold representatives of Christ in the marketplace if we are in any way ashamed to be identified as a Christians, no matter the reason. It is true that there are times when some individuals who profess to be Christians, churches, or Christian leaders do very embarrassing things

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