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NPIM Open House – Dec 3, 2014

2016-12-22T07:48:24+00:00October 28th, 2014|

NPIM Open House [divide] Nehemiah Project is Proud to Announce its Partnership with KIVA ZIP   Nehemiah Project has registered as a trustee with Kiva Zip. This partnership will give those US BEIII Graduates that need help accessing micro financing an affordable option. What is is Kiva Zip? Kiva Zip is a pilot program launched by Kiva, [...]

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Clarifying Your Calling

2017-02-12T05:38:36+00:00October 27th, 2014|

“Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.” ~Romans 8:30 What is calling you?  Do you know your calling?  Are you operating in your calling? The idea of being called by God and chosen for a purpose before we were [...]

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The Vision and Call to Haiti

2016-12-22T07:48:20+00:00October 23rd, 2014|

  The Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) launch in Haiti was inspired and initiated by Chris King of Elevation Financial Group.  After taking a mission trip to Haiti in 2011, Chris strongly felt that Haiti needed a program that focused on sustainable development.  The goal was to provide Haitians with a biblically-based entrepreneurship training to help release [...]

BE Canada Launches November 7th

2014-10-22T05:00:30+00:00October 22nd, 2014|

Ray Jelinski will be heading up this huge launch as the BE Canadian Country Licensee and BE Teacher.  Ray worked in the corporate world for 24 years in the telecommunications industry before joining the Apostolic team at Lighthouse To All Nations Church, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  He is a gifted teacher, strategist and a man of vision [...]

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Competitive Advantage

2017-02-12T05:38:46+00:00October 20th, 2014|

“And everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown.” ~I Corinthians 9:25. Do you know what makes your business unique? Have you crafted a competitive advantage? Does it have a clear redemptive purpose? I believe that the Apostle [...]

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Couples In Business Registration Now Open

2016-12-22T07:48:12+00:00October 15th, 2014|

  Join us March 5-8, 2015 at the Bohemian Hotel in Celebration, Florida for our Second Annual Couples in Business retreat. This retreat is designed for couples who desire to connect with other couples in business while learning how to improve their family and business life. The retreat focuses on the themes of faith, family, business, philanthropy and fun, to help Christian families cultivate a congruent family life that enables [...]

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BA Orlando a Success!

2016-12-22T07:48:16+00:00October 8th, 2014|

The Biblical Apprentice Youth Leadership Program was held on October 4th at Calvary Assembly Church in Winter Park, FL. Biblical Apprentice is a youth entrepreneurship program that prepares local teens, ages 11 –18, for real world business challenges by teaching them the value of teamwork, biblical ethics and taking an idea from conception to the development [...]

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The Fall of Babylon

2017-02-12T05:38:55+00:00October 6th, 2014|

“And he cried out with a loud voice saying Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!” Revelation 18:2 How are you operating your business?  Are you using the Babylonian ways or the [...]

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