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Do you struggle with growing your business’ top and bottom line while staying true to your values and convictions?

Entrepreneurs with deeply-held beliefs often struggle to find the right resources and support that will provide them with practical business training that generates results while enhancing their commitment to their deeply-held beliefs.

In just four months, whether you are new to business or have been operating a business for 20 years, you will learn to apply principles and techniques that will generate business results today.

This is a proven system that thousands of entrepreneurs have used in the last 20 years to build new businesses and expand existing kingdom companies.

Learn why the founder created this program and join the movement

In 1995, as an 18-year-old college student earning $5.50 an hour, I was forced to drop out of college due to a family economic crisis. I turned to the one thing I always wanted to do: start my own business. While pursuing my own business, I soon discovered that few individuals had the privilege to grow up in a family business like I did, that employed over 1,000 staff and worked with multinational companies throughout Europe, North America and Africa. This ignited a passion within me to teach others how to start and grow their own companies. And this later brought me into a discovery of a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

After receiving Christ as my Savior, I was saddened by the lack of biblically-integrated business training in the marketplace and the unfortunate reality that the only difference between non-Christian business owners and Christian business owners was the fish sign on their car. They both operated their business without any deeply-held conviction or commitment to kingdom impact.

This led to the development of a practical, transformational business course called Biblical Entrepreneurship which has been used for the last 23 years by a network of highly experienced, certified trainers in over 22 countries around the world to help entrepreneurs grow their business with kingdom impact. Using these same principles, my personal income has gone from $5.50 an hour in 1995 to over $250 an hour today while leading an international non-profit business training and development organization.

We have trained and supported over 15K entrepreneurs in 22 countries on 5 continents; Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Join me in this movement to create and support 100K kingdom companies that care for the planet, people, while making a profit with eternal impact.

We use our proprietary course materials along with some of the best business resources available

Using up to 6 transformational business books and case studies, you will experience at least 23 lessons on various topics. Some of them include:

  • Identifying Opportunities

  • Taking Calculated Risks

  • Biblical Profit

  • Biblical Economics

  • Marketing and Sales from a Biblical Approach

  • Innovation

  • Biblical Management

  • Business Financing