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We believe that training alone will not ensure Kingdom business success. Entrepreneurs need the benefit of coaching to provide them with accountability, best practice business tools and support to grow a Kingdom company. Our coaching system is based on three keys to success: relationship enhancement, value integration and a commitment to growth. In partnership with our sister company Kingdom Business Coaching International, also known as KBC, our coaching solutions include—Customized Coaching, Group Coaching and Ask a Coach.


Customized Coaching is a one-on-one personalized business coaching for companies seeking to enhance their relationships, integrate their values and grow their top and bottom line while making a Kingdom impact. We use a 360 team-based coaching approach combined with best practice tools to assist owners and managers in addressing the root issues hindering the company from building a healthy culture and growth.

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Group Coaching is a live, online peer-to-peer coaching program made up of 5 to 10 members facilitated by a trained Kingdom Business CoachTM. Our group business coaching program offers an outstanding, cost effective coaching solution for entrepreneurs at any growth stage through a joint learning environment. You and 4 to 9 other business owners will team up with an experienced Kingdom Business CoachTM to discover how to enhance your relationships, integrate your values into your business and grow your top and bottom line while making a Kingdom impact. This is available to E-CommunityTM Diamond members only.

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Ask a Kingdom Business CoachTM is a 24 hour virtual coaching solution for E-CommunityTM members that provides real time answers to various business questions to help entrepreneurs enhance their relationships, integrate their values into their business and grow their top and bottom line while making a Kingdom impact. This platform places access to a qualified Kingdom Business CoachTM at your fingertips.

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