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Couples in Business Group Coaching

How would you like to access an affordable coaching solution that can provide you and your mate with tools and individualized coaching support to help you grow your business while enhancing your marriage?

The Couples in Business Group Coaching is a live, virtual peer-to-peer coaching program that offers an outstanding, cost effective coaching solution for entrepreneurs and their mate at any growth stage through a joint learning environment.

You and 4 to 11 other couples in business will team up with an experienced Kingdom Business Coach™ to discover how to enhance your relationships, integrate your values into your business, and grow your top and bottom line while making a Kingdom impact. This is available to E-Community™ Diamond members only.

The Couples in Business Group Coaching begins with helping each couple identify what stage their relationship is in and encourage them to design a success plan that moves them to the next stage of growth with a clear scorecard to track their progress.

The 12-month program will take you through a rigorous monthly education series to help you enhance your marriage while growing your business. You will have group and individual accountability along with access to monthly 30-minute individualized coaching sessions with a Kingdom Business Coach™.

Your group coaching package includes: