Are you gentle? Are you meek? Do you know that God asks us to be meek?

“Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.”– Numbers 12:3

Among the nine characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit, the eighth characteristic is gentleness–which is also known as meekness. Most people in the world confuse meekness with weakness. Even Jim Collins, one of the greatest minds of the best business practices of our time, refers to meekness as weakness in his book, “Good to Great.” True meekness is actually the opposite of weakness. There is nothing weak about being meek; some of the most powerful people who ever lived were meek. Just as you cannot be meek without strength, real strength is demonstrated through meekness. Meekness is power under control. It is the internal strength in which one chooses whether or not to use the power and privilege that they have been granted. Only weak people abuse power. The truly powerful know how to yield power when necessary and use it properly. Weak people are controlled by their power and privilege rather than controlling it. They do not have the internal strength or discipline to resist the temptation of using their power to realize their emotional impulses and protect themselves from their fears. If they want something, they get it; if they feel like doing something, they act on it; and if they are afraid of something, they try to control or destroy it. Meekness is about not letting your fears or emotions rule you but allowing yourself to be ruled by the Spirit. Log in to read the full article

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