Overcoming Spiritual Warfare in the Marketplace

//Overcoming Spiritual Warfare in the Marketplace

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”Ephesians 6:11

Are you equipped for the daily spiritual battle you are facing? Are you winning or losing? Do you have the tools to overcome spiritual warfare?

We are at war against an unseen enemy that is ever present in our lives who is determined to destroy us and hinder God’s plan for our lives. This war is not against a person, but against a spirit though it manifests through people and systems. You did not start this war. It is not about you, though, you are a victim of it. This war has being going on from the time Adam and Eve committed high treason in the garden. Their action enabled an enemy to invade the earth realm and control the hearts and minds of people so they do and say things that advances the enemy’s agenda. This war is being waged in the marketplace, in the halls of government, in religious circles and in families. Though the enemy is crafty and fully armed, we are able to overcome him. To overcome him, we must be prepared and equipped with the whole armor of God which will enable us to stand against any attack no matter how crafty or powerful. Here are seven steps to help you overcome:

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