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According to Haitian-born Daniel Jean Louis, the author of From Aid to Trade, Foreign Aid in itself and in the present format does not benefit the poor and needy countries. After corruption and political instability, foreign aid is one of the problems of recipient countries. To help balance the equations, or bridge the gap, donor countries need to ensure that while they want to help recipient countries, they must not sideline local businesses and entrepreneurs. Donor countries must help in building the foundations for these local entrepreneurs to grow. They must make sure that the already weak local businesses are not choked out by the aid.

According to EURODAD, ”donors have to create real value for money by engaging with the companies in recipient countries, creating jobs and business development.” In this way, sustainable and independent development is achievable.”

Nehemiah Project has been giving the gift of business globally for the last 19 years by training over 20 thousand entrepreneurs in over 38 countries globally.

Here are 20 reasons why the gift of business is essential:

  1. Business brings hope
  2. Business reduces crime
  3. Business reduces poverty
  4. Business reduces the threat of terrorism
  5. Business creates income
  6. Business reduces dependency
  7. Business minimizes the threat of war
  8. Business builds community
  9. Business creates wealth
  10. Business helps families
  1. Business solves problems
  2. Business creates jobs
  3. Business helps communities and churches
  4. Business advances the Gospel and funds the great commission
  5. Business can be passed on from generation to generation
  6. Business helps turn a receiver into a giver
  7. Business turns a consumer into a producer
  8. Business pays taxes
  9. Business brings dignity
  10. Business brings innovation

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