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Nehemiah Project has been giving the gift of business globally for the last 20 years by training over 20 thousand entrepreneurs in over 38 countries globally.

Here are 20 reasons why the gift of business is essential:

  1. Business brings hope
  2. Business reduces crime
  3. Business reduces poverty
  4. Business reduces the threat of terrorism
  5. Business creates income
  6. Business reduces dependency
  7. Business minimizes the threat of war
  8. Business builds community
  9. Business creates wealth
  10. Business helps families
  1. Business solves problems
  2. Business creates jobs
  3. Business helps communities and churches
  4. Business advances the Gospel and funds the great commission
  5. Business can be passed on from generation to generation
  6. Business helps turn a receiver into a giver
  7. Business turns a consumer into a producer
  8. Business pays taxes
  9. Business brings dignity
  10. Business brings innovation

Due to the training and coaching received from Nehemiah Project and Kingdom Business Coaching, our business grew 400% within 2 years and we were able to implement staff development strategies that transformed our corporate culture and increase our staff retention.

Arnaldo & Yanet Hererro
Kings Service Solutions



In partnership with First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, the Biblical Entrepreneurship program was launched in Madagascar in 2018. The Biblical Entrepreneurship program helped the ministry to achieve new heights in their overseas mission strategy goal by creating a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation in a country that was facing government instability and an economic crisis which led to a rapid increase of unemployment and increase inflation.

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando recognized that given the growing economic issues Madagascar faced, continuing a traditional overseas mission strategy was unsustainable. Many had begun to flee the country to look for security and provision elsewhere. First Presbyterian Church of Orlando wanted to ensure that the Malagasy people got the help to bloom where they were planted.