KBC Keys to Kingdom Business Success

How to take your business from profitability to succession
Cost: $2,000
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Do you want to create greater margins in your relationships so you can save time and money? Do you want to enhance the culture of your organization so your can increase your employee retention and fulfillment? Do you want to increase your top and bottom line so you can improve your performance?

Success is best defined as the realization of stated goals and objectives in a sustainable way. Every business wants to succeed but not every business knows how to find true success, let alone succeed in a sustainable way. Sustainable success is when your goals and objectives are realized without compromising the things that are most important to you, such as your faith, your personal fulfillment, your family, and the people that you care about. The KBC Keys to Success is a 16-hour course designed to help you master the the three keys to success: relationships, values and growth.

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Throughout the course, you will learn to realize the following:

  1. To enhance your relationships to create margins so you have greater alignment and unity in your life and organization.
  2. To integrate your values throughout the business so you can build a healthy culture in your organization and improve employee retention.
  3. To grow your top and bottom line with kingdom impact so you can generate sustainable results.
  • Living out the greatest commandment
  • Being relational versus transactional
  • Loving God
  • Loving self
  • Loving others
  • What are values
  • Seven reasons why core values are important
  • How to develop core values that transform your corporate culture
  • How core values influence corporate policy
  • How to develop your core values
  • The theory of growth
  • Hindrances to growth
  • The purpose of growth
  • The danger of growth
  • Assessing your growth stage
  • Developing a growth strategy
  • Financing your growth
  • Marketing and sales for growth
  • Growth measurements
  • A culture of accountability
  • Developing growth systems
  • Sustaining your growth
  • Succession and exit strategy

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