Licensed partners are individuals or organizations who purchase the right to distribute Nehemiah Project Christian business training materials and courses within a country or an educational organization. Licensed partners:

  • Set their own course prices
  • Manage their own registrations
  • Pay an annual license fee

There are two types of licensed partners:

  • Educational/institutional licensed partners
  • International licensed partners



  • Receive the rights to offer Nehemiah Project Christian business training courses as part of their existing curriculum
  • Register all students internally through their organization
  • OfferNehemiah Project Christian business training courses solely to their internal body of students or members


  • County licensed partners
  • International teacher licensed partners

A country licensed partner purchases the right to distributeNehemiah Project Christian business training courses within a specific country. The country license is not exclusive, but based on performance a country license may be recognized as the sole distributor within a particular country. They may teach an unlimited number of students. An international teacher licensed partner is a Nehemiah Certified Teacher who purchases the rights to organize and teachNehemiah Project Christian business training courses around the world, with the exception of the United States. They may teach an unlimited number of students.

Nehemiah License programs are designed to meet the demands of today’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and executive workplace leaders. Licensed partners receive many benefits including:

  • Flexibility—the ability to create a program and delivery model that meets the unique needs of the community you serve
  • Support—Nehemiah Project headquarters provides professional marketing and program support to current and graduate partner members
  • Access—gain access to proven transformational Christian business training courses and seminars, and diverse entrepreneurship training materials
  • Implementation—focus on executing your core mission rather than reinventing the wheel
  • Networks—gain access to a growing global network of marketplace organizations
  • Cash flow—earn additional revenue
  • Certification—Build your team of teachers through the proprietary Nehemiah Teacher Certification course

More information about becoming a Licensed Partner with the Nehemiah Project is available upon request.
For information within North America, please contact Wendie Klem, Regional Director of North America at
For information in other parts of the world, please contact Debra Schlaht, Director of Training & Coaching at