More Than a Conqueror

Are you confident in God? Are there areas of your life where you let the devil conquer?

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In 2017 we are poised to impact even more entrepreneurs and businesses through the E-Community.

Where is Your Treasure?

Where does your treasure lie? Are you focused on earthly things, or spiritual matters?

Divine Blessing

Do you rely on your actions, or do you rely on God's promises? Are you confidently walking in your divine blessing?

Turning the World Upside Down

Are you living your life to make a difference? Is your business transformative?

Last Chance to Enroll to Become a NE Certified Teacher in 2016!

Do you have a desire to empower business leaders to live out their God-given purpose? Do you have a passion to rebuild your community and world by strengthening the marketplace with biblical principles?

Are You a Moneychanger?

Is love your motivation as an entrepreneur? Have you vowed to have integrity and compassion when dealing with money and the lives of others?

Celebrating Relationships in Christ: Nehemiah Week 2016 Highlights

When it comes down to it, all that matters is love: how we love God and others with our lives and resources.


Are others aware of your relationship with Christ? How well do you express goodness? What does goodness really mean?