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The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Institute (NEI), is an online, student-directed and instructor-supported program designed to provide entrepreneurs access to world class content through a convenient, easy-to-manage online platform. Students enjoy the flexibility of studying at their own pace while being supported by our certified teachers and coaches.

This self-study model includes your choice of one of two options:

Self Study with Executive Business Coaching
The executive business coaching option offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to take classes supported by a certified instructor who is also a Kingdom Business Coach trained to personally help them overcome the obstacles to starting or growing their business.

Self Study with Group Coaching
The group coaching option offers students the opportunity to take classes supported by a certified instructor and to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to the group’s growth and success. This cohort format encourages meaningful relationships as the class studies and explores new ideas together. Both options afford a great opportunity to join with a global community of Kingdom business leaders.

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