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Imagine if we changed the way we fought poverty in the United States and around the world. Instead of giving handouts, we gave hand-ups. Rather than handing out shoes we build companies that makes and sells shoes, and instead of sending aid, we raised up biblical entrepreneurs who create jobs, positively influence the values of their nation and fund their own local churches and charities. We have great news! We are doing it now in over 22 countries and we invite you to join the movement in efforts to sustain and expand. Our goal is to support 1,000 entrepreneurs a year while creating and sustaining at least 3,000 jobs around the world.

Your gift will make a huge difference! It will help entrepreneurs in the United States and around the world receive the training, coaching, support and access to capital they need to grow Kingdom companies that brings transformation to local communities. As a thank you, you will receive a free silver membership to the E-Community if you are not already a member or one of our Gift of Business memorabilia.


Here are 20 reasons:

  1. Business brings hope
  2. Business reduces crime
  3. Business reduces poverty
  4. Business reduces the threat of terrorism
  5. Business creates income
  6. Business reduces dependency
  7. Business minimizes the threat of war
  8. Business builds community
  9. Business creates wealth
  10. Business helps families
  1. Business solves problems
  2. Business creates jobs
  3. Business helps communities and churches
  4. Business advances the Gospel and funds the great commission
  5. Business can be passed on from generation to generation
  6. Business helps turn a receiver into a giver
  7. Business turns a consumer into a producer
  8. Business pays taxes
  9. Business brings dignity
  10. Business brings innovation


Give the gift of business today by sponsoring one or more entrepreneurs for as little as $2.77 /day or $100 /month.

Give the gift of business