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Alumni Virtual Connect – Aug 2017


The quarterly virtual Alumni Connect is a virtual education and community event designed to inspire and equip BE alumni while creating opportunities for collaboration to grow kingdom companies. The event features a dynamic speaker and profiles an alumni success story. This quarter’s Alumni Connect features Dean & Jane Blankenship.


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Dean Blankenship went from crime and drug addiction to starting a construction company in 2008 in the middle of the recession. Dean used to consume $500 a day of crack cocaine and eventually was convicted of 17 felonies. While in jail, Dean met Christ who turned his life around. Once out of jail, he was able to complete his probation within 5 years and get approval for his construction license which was nearly impossible to receive due to the fact that they do not give construction licenses to convicted felons.

Today, Dean operates a successful construction company called Hosanna Building Constructors based in Florida with revenue estimated to be over $6 million this year with a 12% profit margin.

Come and learn how Dean and his wife, Jane, are using Biblical Entrepreneurship principles to build a profitable and sustainable kingdom company. Dean will also share a preview of his message on Spiritual Warfare which he will share during Nehemiah Week 2017 in Orlando.


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