//Diamond of Life (Paperback)

Diamond of Life (Paperback)


The five P’s of success and significance

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Baseball – America’s favorite pastime – is seldom viewed as a metaphor for personal and professional development. However, for baseball enthusiast and coach turned entrepreneur/financial advisor, Mick Owen, life is best viewed through the lens of a baseball game. In the Diamond of Life, Mick uses his own personal life story to help us understand the importance of each base – how to move from first base to make life’s home runs without striking out. Mick takes us through a personal and educational journey from home plate, where we discover our life’s purpose and power; to 1st base, where we assess our physical, mental and spiritual readiness; to 2nd base, where we consider the various roles we play in our family, church and community; and finally to 3rd base, where we achieve our professional, financial and material goals. The point that Mick brings home in this practical yet spiritually insightful book, is that not all bases are equal. And without the proper foundation on home base, it is hard to achieve sustainable, long-lasting success in other bases. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, this book will challenge you to consider how prepared you are to make life’s home runs without striking out.


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