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E-Learning Forum – Hindrances to Growth – Dec 2017


Is your business currently growing? If so, at what rate? Are you satisfied with the current growth rate? How did you project your growth rate for next year?

Growth is essential to building a sustainable business. If you are not growing, you are dying. Every entrepreneur desires to grow their business but not all are able to because of their inability to overcome the hindrances of growth.

In this E-Learning Forum, Patrice Tsague shares the seven growth hindrances and how to overcome them. One of the growth hindrances is: the poverty mentality – a mindset that settles with the status quo due to a lack of awareness of God’s best or the courage to pursue it. Many entrepreneurs settle due to their past experiences – how they grew up, their circumstances, or their biblical worldview, and never realize God’s best for their business. To overcome this, you must understand the truth of God’s word as well as best business practices and have the courage to put it in action in your life and business. It is also important that you see yourself and business the way God sees you rather than through the eyes of culture and circumstances. What are the other six growth hindrances? Find out in this recording of the E-Learning Forum.

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The E-Learning Forum is a monthly educational webinar featuring guest experts and kingdom-class business education to enhance your life and business from a kingdom perspective. The Forum is held every second Tuesday of the month, from 6am – 7am Pacific time.

In this month’s forum, Patrice Tsague shares the seven growth hindrances and how to overcome them. From poverty mentality to fear, learn about the common hindrances to growth and how to overcome it as a Biblical Entrepreneur.


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