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E-Learning Forum – KBC Keys to Kingdom Business Success – Apr 2018


Success is best defined as the realization of stated goals and objectives in a sustainable way. Every business wants to succeed but not every business knows how to find true success, let alone succeed in a sustainable way. Sustainable success is when your goals and objectives are realized without compromising the things that are most important to you such as your faith, you personal fulfillment, your family, and the people you care about.

The KBC Keys to Kingdom Business Success will provide you with three keys to guide you to business success no matter your business growth stage or your industry. In this month’s E-Learning Forum, Patrice will provide you with insights on how to:

  • Enhance your relationships to create margins so you have greater alignment and unity in your life and organization.
  • Integrating your values throughout the business so you can build a healthy culture in your organization and improve employee retention.
  • Grow your top and bottom line with kingdom impact so you can generate sustainable results.
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The E-Learning Forum is a monthly educational webinar featuring guest experts and kingdom-class business education to enhance your life and business from a kingdom perspective. The Forum is held every second Tuesday of the month, from 6am – 7am Pacific time.

In this month’s forum, Patrice Tsague taught on KBC Keys to Kingdom Business Success, covering the three keys that guides us to business success no matter the business growth stage or industry.


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