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Biblical Entrepreneurship Creates Jobs in Madagascar

Biblical Entrepreneurship Creates Jobs in Madagascar

When First Presbyterian Church of Orlando decided to bring Biblical Entrepreneurship into Madagascar six years ago, they had no idea that they will be asked to assist with the economic recovery of the country.

In a country with more than 60% unemployment rate, anything that could help create jobs is always welcomed. Since Madagascar plunged into political unrest in 2009 with the removal of their democratically-elected president, its economy which was on the verge of recovery […]

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Ranked Amongst the Top 5 Business Schools in Africa

A BE alum’s company ranks amongst the top 5 business schools in French-speaking Africa!

Jaona Ranaivoson, a native-born Malagasy took over a struggling family’s business from his parents after running away from the leadership for many years. He never saw himself leading the educational institution that his grandfather originally started as a high school, which his parents later turned into a business school called ISCAM. Jaona and his wife turned to Christ a few years after taking over the struggling school […]

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One Church Chose to Stay

While others chose to leave, one church chose to stay and invest more!

In 2011, the country just underwent a near civil war with the democratically elected leader of Madagascar being illegally removed from power by a French-backed thug who would undo the social and economic transformation that was beginning to take place in a country that had long suffered as one of the poorest countries in the world.  While the world watched and did nothing, First Presbyterian Church of Orlando […]

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