Entrepreneurship Training

We provide proprietary biblical based entrepreneurship training for Christian business owners, couples in business, youth ages 11 to 18 as well as a value based course for non-Christians. Our courses are offered live and online in over 22 countries around the world through license partners and certified teachers.

Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate CourseTM

The Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Course is a three-part comprehensive business training and discipleship program. The course is for Christian business owners, entrepreneurs, and prospective entrepreneurs desiring to start and operate a business based on biblical principles. The course provides a strong mix of core business concepts and Christian business principles.

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Purpose and ProfitabilityTM

Purpose and Profitability is a value based business training for entrepreneurs who want to build transformational companies. The course is designed to encourage innovation and industry rooted in ethical values for the common good. Purpose and Profitability makes the case that good and lasting businesses must be built not just for the benefit of one individual or a small few, but for the benefit of all, including consumers, suppliers, employees and the community at large. Businesses can be a catalyst to transform communities and nations while serving as the engine of the economy.

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Young Biblical EntrepreneurTM

The Young Biblical Entrepreneur (YBE) program is a Christian entrepreneurship program that prepares students ages 11 to18 for real world business challenges by teaching them the value of teamwork, leadership, biblical ethics, and taking an idea from conception to development for profit. The program is mini MBA course that helps students create Kingdom businesses.

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Couples in BusinessTM

The Couple in Business course is a blend of marriage enrichment, family development and business enhancement designed to help entrepreneurs enhance their marriage and their family life while growing a successful Kingdom business.

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